#KeepCarney for Humble ISD School Board, Position 6

My background makes me uniquely qualified to serve the Humble ISD school board. I’m a CPA by trade, with a Master’s Degree in Taxation and a BBA in Accounting, both from Baylor University. I am keenly interested in fiscal responsibility, including the district serving as a responsible steward of public funds. With significant uncertainty in the Texas public school finance system and a substantial annual operating budget within Humble ISD, it’s imperative that someone with my background serves on the board to help us navigate such challenges.

As a parent of 3 young children, at least one of whom will be in Humble ISD for the next 18 years, I have a long-term view in mind. In my experience as a CPA, I see the skills that are in demand from today’s employers and how they have evolved, and understand that we must challenge the status quo with what we expect from our students and the education process. Our children are our future leaders and our collective future depends on our ability to prepare our children for success when they leave Humble ISD.

My wife is a former Humble ISD teacher who shares my passion for education. Many of our friends are current or former Humble ISD teachers. I’m very interested in how district decisions impact the livelihood of our Humble ISD employees. I want to ensure that the district creates an empowering workplace for our teachers and other district employees, benefiting our students in the process.

I have gained a tremendous amount of experience over the last 1 1/2 years, serving Humble ISD during one of the most challenging periods in the district’s 100 year history. I have served on most board committees and have built many important relationships. I have shown through my actions that I don’t have a personal agenda, and that I am open-minded, thoughtful, and respectful of differences of opinion. I also care about my community and take great efforts to listen to and act on community feedback.

The last 1 1/2 years have been a tremendous experience and I’m just getting started. Please #KeepCarney for Humble ISD Trustee, Position 6 on Saturday, May 4!

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